Android OS Won the battle over Windows OS in internet usages

First time in the world history Android OS won the battle field over windows OS in internet usages.

According to the report published by the Start Counter, the  independent we analytics company  Android holds the market share with 37.93%, which is greater than the windows (37.91%).

This breakthrough shows that the domination of windows in internet usages was changing now. But  still the OS in desktop usages are majorly occupied by Windows OS.

The biggest surprise is, Since 1980 Microsoft is the leader in the OS market, But the Google product android is only launched in 2008, in 2012 it has just held 2.4% of global internet usage share, Due to the proliferation of Smartphone users in the last five years now its internet usage share crossed the Windows OS.

Android vs ios

The impact of Asia in the global market leads this change to happen. This shows that the windows failed to cover the Smartphone users. In future again the para diagram shifts will happen that time Smart phones are replaced with Some new technology, it may AI, voice, or Augmented reality it may anything. But it will give the Microsoft to regain their position by developing the product which offers all the features.

For an custom android app development company this going to be the great opportunity to improve their business revenue.


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