Is your android phone is safe place to store your privacy data?

ResearcherNowadays, Mobile becomes the common devices to store our privilege data, but Virginia Tech researchers have discovered that android apps are communicating with one another and share our privacy data’s.

They have found two types of threads, a malware app which intentionally designed for attack or an app which allow collision with other apps. But the second type of threat is not intentionally created by the developers.

The Researcher developed a tool kit to test the pair of app in the name of DIALDroid to undertake the aggressive security analysis.

The research team took three years to complete this project, they have analyzed 110,150 app, It includes 100,206 most popular apps from the Google play store, and 9,994 malware apps.

The Virginia Tech research team started as, this article creates an awareness of the security thread among Android app users. Android App Development firms should develop the future app with maximum security over users’ data.

To know more Visit: Virginia Tech


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