Transactions can do with the Gmail Android app soon.

Digital makes money transaction more convenient. In initial days banks only involved in the money transaction, but now technology greatly helping people to transfer money from diverse wallets like Paytm, vodaphone, Aitel etc.

In India at the time of demonetization of 500Rs and 100Rs currencies, Digital wallet had widely helped people to buy and sell any products.

There are lots of apps are available in the market offering digital transaction more secure and easy, but few only succeeded among the internet users. PAYTM is the very successful app among all, it is one of the app widely used for payments over any bank apps.

Now Google on its way to offer the money transaction within Gmail. Now Currently this feature is available for the US users. Soon they will offer this feature to many countries as much as possible.

The only requirement to use this app is, users should install Gmail App in their Smartphone. This feature is designed in the way very simple and easy to use. To do the transaction users simply tap on the attachment there they get new option send money. Users can transfer their money to the Google wallet, from the wallet they can do all transactions.

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