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Tips To Hire A Dedicated Android App Developers

Hire A Dedicated Android App Developers from a reputed app development company is the wisest decision as it is directly linked with the improved mobile presence. A well-developed app brings about high traffic rate, immediate brand recognition and increased return on investment. Hence, there are various returns of hiring dedicated developers. Let us get into the details – why you should hire a dedicated developer for your app development project. Some tips given below will let you hire dedicated android app developers for your business applications.

Tips To Hire A Dedicated Android App Developers


Google is working on a new version of YouTube Android App

Android App Developer giant Google yet provided an YouTube Android App that has less features over iOS App. Now Google subtle their android version of YouTube with great UI changes. Google wants to make sure that, the YouTube app should be available on all platforms with same features.

The noticeable feature in this new version is picture-in-picture mode, it allows users to give much more control. Snapshot feature is included, users can take snapshot by just tap on seek bar while play.  A new bottom navigation bar has featured with Home, Trending, Subscriptions, and Library.

The upload video option has been moved to the left of the search bar and one more feature is floating bar simply instead of watching a video in a smaller window it will include the option of play & push. These changes are slowly making the android YouTube app will look like iOS YouTube app and it was the Google intention too.

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Learn and develop an android app with “pay what you want” Bundle

The Android operating system, is the widely using operating system among mobile users. It’s user rating proliferate every month and gives more opportunity for Custom Android Mobile App Development companies to earn more.

But if you are an individual seeking to learn and develop an Android app by yourself means this “pay what you want” bundle will be the best option now. It offers six type of courses to learn from the basic to advance in android app development. It includes go from beginner to advanced, from beginner to paid professional, Guide to make a freaking android app, Create a stream Spotify clone, Complete Java and Android App Development course: Build 21 apps, Beginner to publish on Google play store.

The best part of this bundle is, it is available in affordable price, we can get the Worth of 861$ bundle by paying a minimum of 10$ to access the basic materials if we want more we can go with the paid professional option.

Even the plethora of course available on the internet it will be the best and it available at affordable prices.


How Android O differ from older version

Google’s flagship product android is keep upgrading its version,  Now they have developed a new version Android O, this new version is now only available for Android App  Developers and still it is in the developing stage.

The intention of developer preview is to help the Custom android mobile app developers to develop an android app opt to the new version.

Here are the few information about Android O,

Long Battery Life:

A major issue facing by the Smartphone users is battery consumption, especially when using the internet. This new Android version is developed in the way to extend the battery life my minimizing battery consumption.

Integrated AutofillL:

This Android O new version has the Autofill features. It includes address, contact number even username and passwords to save users time to fill the form.

Smarter Maps:

In Android O users can tap the address information from any app and it directly take you to the google app instead doing a copy paste traditional approach.

Gesture controls:

With this feature in Android O, We can launch any app by just draw a shape with the finger. Say if you save the shape “c” for a phone phone book means by just drawing the shape “c” over the phone will launch the phone book app, this will be a great time saving option for users.

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Google has signed with Rayat Bahra campus offer training in Android and Google products.

Google has signed with Rayat Bahra campus offer training in android and Google products.

First time in history, Google’s product Android won the battle over windows OS in internet users. Google keeps looking opportunity to increase the wide number of Android developers around the world. They had started numerous course in diverse countries in the same way they have signed with the Rayat Bahra Campus.

The Rayat Bahra Campus has offered two new courses Android Development in B Tech and Digital Marketing in MBA. Google offers the trainer for both and give the Google training software, material at free of cost.

The Chairman of Rayat Bahra said that this new age program helps our student to learn from the experts. This will expand the opportunity for our students to get placed in reputed firm. Google plays the most important role in innovation in technology so being with the giant will make our student even more innovative with high end technology.

Google aims to train two million Android App Developers in India, To reach their target they have signed with numerous organization like Udacity, Manipal Global etc.. In 2016 Google and Udacity joined with Tata to provide online technical training courses to millions of software developers.

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Transactions can do with the Gmail Android app soon.

Digital makes money transaction more convenient. In initial days banks only involved in the money transaction, but now technology greatly helping people to transfer money from diverse wallets like Paytm, vodaphone, Aitel etc.

In India at the time of demonetization of 500Rs and 100Rs currencies, Digital wallet had widely helped people to buy and sell any products.

There are lots of apps are available in the market offering digital transaction more secure and easy, but few only succeeded among the internet users. PAYTM is the very successful app among all, it is one of the app widely used for payments over any bank apps.

Now Google on its way to offer the money transaction within Gmail. Now Currently this feature is available for the US users. Soon they will offer this feature to many countries as much as possible.

The only requirement to use this app is, users should install Gmail App in their Smartphone. This feature is designed in the way very simple and easy to use. To do the transaction users simply tap on the attachment there they get new option send money. Users can transfer their money to the Google wallet, from the wallet they can do all transactions.

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Is your android phone is safe place to store your privacy data?

ResearcherNowadays, Mobile becomes the common devices to store our privilege data, but Virginia Tech researchers have discovered that android apps are communicating with one another and share our privacy data’s.

They have found two types of threads, a malware app which intentionally designed for attack or an app which allow collision with other apps. But the second type of threat is not intentionally created by the developers.

The Researcher developed a tool kit to test the pair of app in the name of DIALDroid to undertake the aggressive security analysis.

The research team took three years to complete this project, they have analyzed 110,150 app, It includes 100,206 most popular apps from the Google play store, and 9,994 malware apps.

The Virginia Tech research team started as, this article creates an awareness of the security thread among Android app users. Android App Development firms should develop the future app with maximum security over users’ data.

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