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Googles’s upcoming new Android Version- Android O

The Next android version is getting ready by the Google  in the name of Android 0.  New York Times stated, March 21 Google conducted a developer preview, it helps developers to develop an upcoming app which supports the new version.

Google is rigorously undertaking the  experiment to make sure that the new version of android will be ready for the launch without any technical issues and Google was not yet officially informed the releasing date.

For an android app development company, this new version going to create a both positive and negative impact on its revenue.  This new android version includes few more fine tunes in picture in picture video, Audio fidelity via Bluetooth strengthened,  keyboard navigation and Wi-Fi aware technology will we more effectively implemented.  This will helps the firm to attract more customers in android.

Here is the few more important notes  on android apps:

According to the research report of mobile app analytics firm App Annie like every year, last year also apple was on the top of  app revenue market, but in the meantime, this report indicates that this year android app revenue will overcome the apple market and hope this new version of the android will boost the android app revenue.